Tuesday, December 18, 2012

We are from the Future!

Ok, usually I blog about things I'd like to invent, etc., but this post is about things I thought I'd only see as science fiction in my lifetime, so they show the importance of dreaming in sci-fi. As far as I know, these things are real, to some extent. 

Neil Stephenson -ish flying spy-bots (eeek!) http://www.indiegogo.com/robotdragonfly

 Robots that can juggle and play catch : http://io9.com/5963295/disney-is-populating-their-theme-parks-with-robots-that-can-throw-things-at-you

Warp speed: http://io9.com/5963263/how-nasa-will-build-its-very-first-warp-drive?utm_source=io9.com&utm_medium=recirculation&utm_campaign=recirculation

 Mind Uploading: http://www.minduploading.org/